Ah, today. Today i realized how much i DON’T BLOG! in all honesty, it started out as an assignment and then it became somewhat interesting that posting random things that interest me for random people too see can be somewhat, relaxing. i’m stuck in between a rock and a hard place on what i really wish to focus on when it comes to blogging. i’m interested in polar opposite worlds it seems like. half of me wants to manage a blog that is primarily about foods, working out, weight training, exercise, and living an alternative lifestyle. the other half of me just wants to steal every fashion post from pinterest, claim they’re all mine and call it a day. i’m not sure if i’m busy, or if i want to tell myself i’m busy, but constantly blogging every single day can be stressful. i can’t remember the last time i blogged about something that was actually interesting. i just wish i could find a blogging community that was confused as i am and that would chat with me all day to find out what one another likes most lol. how silly does that sound?

So, any random bloggers that are trying to find a another random helpless blogger, LET ME KNOW!

On a better note, i had one of the best workouts that i’ve had in a long time. i dragged tyler (my boyfriend) along with me to the REC this evening after i got home from work. When he asked if i wanted to workout with him i tried so hard not to seem hesitant. note the fact that he’s a D1 football player who’s work ethic is to die for!

After stretching (i absolutely hate stretching) we started off with the bench. i warmed up with the bar doing 2 sets of 10 and then, of course he added a 10LBS plate to each side and i did 3 sets of 10 reps. i was dying at this point and it was only the first workout. how embarrassing? And to think of it, i thought i was actually doing something big at the rec each morning with my mediocre workouts. After we both benched, he had me do 3 sets of 5 pull ups. my back is so weak it’s not even funny. Squats were next. i’ve been begging him to come to the rec and spot me while i squat because i was so afraid i would mess up and look like a complete idiot if i tried doing them by myself. i warmed up with the bar again, and then did 3 sets of 10 with 25LBS plates on each side. we did a couple more resistance training exercises and walked on the treadmill for our cardio and “cool down”

While we were walking (he was jogging; can’t forget about that work ethic, man) on the treadmill i forgot how nice it was to actually do a simple activity that you like with someone else who also has that same interest. it was back in January when i finally dedicated myself to getting back in shape again and wanting to just feel good again! In high school i use to feel like i could literally do any physical activity and be physically okay after doing it. i could wake up at 6 o’ clock in the morning and stay up until 1 o’ clock the next morning and get right back up for school. Sure, i’d be tired throughout the day, but who wouldn’t be sleeping like that two or three times out of the week. during this time i use to run Cross country for my high school and i’d run up to 7 miles after school. isn’t that crazy!? i felt like i could do anything! eat anything i wanted whenever i wanted without gaining or losing a pound. i was protein free and as natural as could be too. now, i can’t go into GNC without reading every freakin’ label on everything i pick up. i hate that shit. . . i was never that girl who would count calories, watch what i ate, or give a damn about how much i weighed. this was only THREE YEARS AGO! okay, i lied; this was only four years ago when my body and mind was in tip top shape. Now, i feel like my body is aging and things are starting to catch up to me. i can’t say i fully understand, but i definitely get it now when older people say what you eat and do now will catch up to you sooner or later! lol it’s so funny how i use to blow my grandma and mom off when they told me those silly things. i use to think they were just talking to hear themselves.



Why Interns Can Be Good For Your Business

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The Real Cincinnati Gapper Marketing


At both The Eisen Agency and NexPhase Marketing we take full advantage of interns. It’s about time for a new batch of fall students that are yearning for an internship with your organization. We are currently hiring a group of young, enthusiastic marketing and public relations interns that will support our account teams and market our agency.

There are many advantages to having an internship program and interns in your business, here are some reasons why:

1. You and the intern get the chance to get to know each other and test if they are a right fit for your organization and they can decide if this is the type of work or field that they are really looking to work in.  Unless a person is referred by another employee, you do not know what to expect out of them when they come into your organization. Being able to sample…

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Eisen Social Media Efforts Named Winner and Honored by SoMe Impact Awards

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I Like 2013_social_media_Invite2013_social_media_Invite

The Eisen Agency is proud to announce that we were named the winner of the 2013 SoMe Impact Awards. Eisen was honored for our skills in leveraging social media to our company’s and clients bottom lines and make a difference. They are recognizing The Eisen Agency and Rodger Roeser, Founder and President at the 2013 Midwest Social Media Summit in November.

 All 2013 SoMe Impact Award Honorees and their organizations will be featured in December as part of a digital and print coverage package in Smart Business Cleveland, Smart Business Akron/Canton, Smart Business Cincinnati and Smart Business Columbus.

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The Power of YouTube

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A picture is worth a thousand words…but video is worth a million. This is why YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. From testimonials to tips, YouTube can be utilized by nearly all organizations and industries. This infographic gives the latest data on how YouTube is becoming so powerful and significant to businesses. If you need help developing a YouTube account, a YouTube channel or in developing video concepts or footage, contact me at

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Illinois governor signs law legalizing same-sex marriage


ILLINOIS – Illinois became the 16th state in the country to legalize same sex marriage Wednesday.

A massive audience crowded into the University of Illinois at Chicago forum to see Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn sign marriage equality legislation- on the same desk President Abraham Lincoln used to pen his first inaugural address.

Love never fails,” Quinn said amid thunderous applause, immediately before sitting down to put his signature on the historic law.

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Is Black Friday A Thing Of The Past?

People want to avoid traffic and other crazy people like themselves while shopping! lol

CBS Denver

DENVER (CBS4) – Forget the ads for Black Friday. It seems the holiday shopping season has started earlier than ever.

Black Friday use to be a big deal — the one day that you save up for. But now the days leading up to Black Friday are just as important if you are in the market for big discounts.

From toys to tech — clothes to computers, retailers are offering up pre-Thanksgiving Black Friday deals on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and yes — Friday. Crunched by a shortened holiday calendar which leaves just four weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, stores are pushing holiday deals earlier than ever before.

[worldnow id=9548462 width=420 height=278 type=video]

The following are just some of the sites and stores having pre-Thanksgiving Black Friday sales right now:

– Amazon
– Walmart
– Toys “R” Us

The following is a partial list of stores who will start…

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