Our Spontaneous Acts

Our Spontaneous Acts

One fun fact about me would that I am absolutely infatuated with animals now. I got my boyfriend a 4-week-old Pit Bull terrier last July for his birthday, and ever since then i fell in love with all kinds of dogs and other animals. He’s always loved dogs & have always had one growing up. Myself, on the other hand never understood those people who bought bone shaped bumper stickers saying how much they love their dog. I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND NOW! πŸ™‚ Anyways, two days ago my boyfriend and I were surfing the web like always and came across the little guy i’m holding in the picture. we’ve been wanting to get another one so bad because of how successful our first dog has been with us. So it didn’t surprise me when we randomly decided to drive to South Massillion and go see the litter we had seen online. We get to this random guy’s house and the conditions that these puppies were in were not ideal. I didn’t even have to ask my boyfriend if we could get one. He knew right away I wasn’t going to be able to leave without saving a tleast one of them. Unfortunately, We can only care for one other one at this time in our lives. As my PR class knows, my boyfriend plays football here at the University of Akron and a lot of his teammates want puppies as well. I made him tell his entire team so they could have one of their own & take them from the conditions they were in. It honestly broke my heart I couldn’t just have them all! If i see anymore posts about that particular litter online, then i’ll probably end up calling a shelter and notifying them about the extremely large litter and their gorgeous blue-nose mother. Seeing how this is will probably be my last summer in Akron, my boyfriend an I acted on the spur of the moment & got the chance to give this cutie a loving home πŸ™‚

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