8 Public Relations Lessons from Sex and the City

this is hilarious!

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public relations, corporate partners, be a starI know, I know.  The show no longer airs.  But, that does not keep me from watching old episodes on DVD.  One of my favorite episodes is when the character Samantha (“Sam”) talks to her young boyfriend Jerry Jerrod about his acting career.  Sam owns a public relations firm.  We’ve seen her on the job.  It’s just her and an assistant – typical small business.

Well, Sam offered the following eight (8) tips and implemented this action plan to catapult Jerry’s acting career:

  •  She remained Jerry to the name “Smith”.  Jerry was the business product.

Lesson 1: If your business name is not working, rename it.

  • Sam asked Smith if acting was really what he wanted.   She said, if it was “really” what he wanted, then she would help him.

Lesson 2: I have met a number of business owners and career professionals that are on the fence about whether…

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