Journalists to PR professionals

Journalists to PR professionals

All I could think about while reading this article is thinking, ‘WOW…this is literally word-for-word what my professors were talking about this summer.’ Honestly, this is the best advice I was taught & have read so far. When applying for future internships, jobs, and pitching ideas I will definitely refer back to this specific article. It’s crazy to think about how important it is to know what you’re doing with your profession. I actually know people that will take the easy was out with their job just because they have no clue what they’re doing. EDUCATE YOURSELF! Thank the good man above I came across this article. Also, Thank you, Kathleen Stansberry for starting to open my eyes to the real world of Public Relations this past summer and informing me what I’m really getting myself into. As I start to take more classes involving my future career I find myself eager to find out more and more so I don’t end up becoming BFF with somebody’s delete button.

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