This past weekend my boyfriend’s family came to visit us for his first home game of his Junior season. They literally come to every home game and don’t miss a beat. The little munchkin in the picture with me would be his adorable niece RiRi (Ariene). i’ve never met a more vibrant intelligent little girl! She knows everything! It’s seriously so funny having a simple conversation with her. They got here roughly two hours before the game started and I got them settled in, gave a mini tour of the house and had a few pre game drinks before we headed to the Zips’ field to cheer on! It’s always nice having family coming to see you while you’re away at school. I tend to miss my mom, grandma, & younger sisters a lot while i’m up here working & taking classes. Tyler’s family is seriously my rock for always supporting me and helping us out when they can or when my family can’t. My sweet grandma dropped off a care package at Tyler’s grandma’s house before they headed up to Akron. She bought my dogs some treats, and us just little things we need around the house. God bless her heart 🙂 in two weeks Tyler’s family & mine are coming up TOGETHER to stay the night here so we all can go see him play against Louisiana. It’s going to be they’re first time up here so I can’t wait to take pictures and just show them around Akron. I’m extremely excited to say the least 🙂 Good news is that THE ZIPS WON! I was so freakin’ happy. the first home game of the season and the pull through and stay composed as a team and got the win for themselves and all of the fans that came out to support them. I love seeing the new pre-game videos every year before the game starts and I was very impressed with how they put it together and how they incorporated the players in the video. Some players had small excerpts and it just got the crowd hype hearing them getting excited to play. After looking back on the weekend, it was a great one. Probably, because it’ football season and I get to look forward to each game every weekend now. Wooohoooo ! 🙂 #GOOOZIPS!

Until next time . .

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