Homeless man honored for honesty, donors raise $72k

I haven’t been following the story but i came across this just now and I seriously just got so happy to read about the community reaching out & helping him! There needs to be more honest people like this in our world.


BOSTON – Thousands of strangers are giving money to a homeless man after learning he handed in a backpack full of money.

Glen James found the backpack with more than $40,000 stuffed inside at a mall this past weekend.

Instead of taking the cash for himself, he promptly took it to the police station.

Officers were able to get the bag to its rightful owner.

Since the return, the community is reaching out to the Good Samaritan.

Ethan Wittington created an online fundraiser to help James, who has been homeless since 2005.

Glen James said, “I’m so glad that a total stranger can be so kind.”

So far, donors have raised more than $72,000 for James.

Many people have also reached out to help James find a job and a place to live.

He has opened a bank account and says he is thankful for the fresh start.

Boston police…

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