Prayers For Bearcat Nation

Prayers For Bearcat Nation

I got on twitter this morning and seen this trending and articles being retweeted by many of my Cincinnati followers. It’s such a tragic day for the bearcat football team. I hope and pray that the bearcat family stays strong and sticks together no matter what! I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and before I left for school four years ago the university and sports teams there were not as close as they are now.  The programs have embraced their fans and student body in a way that other schools have not. Being a big school in such a diverse city, and having them come together through academics and sports is such a great thing to experience especially in college. All of the high schools in Cincinnati have THE BEST school spirit and combining them at one university plus the students that come from different parts of the country and states to share and contribute their spirit with the kind that’s already there is simply amazing. I’ve loved college sports since i could remember and my mom is the biggest hometown fan I know. Her love for the University of Cincinnati and it’s programs there is overwhelming. It’s so exciting to see this school becoming such a family through the things that make the best memories in college. I pray that this student body and it’s amazing football pulls through even stronger, and tougher. I pray that the other players involved in this horrific incident recover are able to step on Nippert’s turf again with cleats and pads on. Most importantly, my prayers go out to the families and friends of those student-athletes.  #BearcatNation

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