Social Media as a Dominant Communication Tool

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catfish-the-tv-show-logoHAVE YOU EVER WATCHED CATFISH THE TV SHOW? If not, you’re definitely missing out! This reality-based docudrama is highly entertaining, as Nev and Max simultaneously capture the pretty and ugly side of online dating. More importantly, however, this show serves as a representation of how social media defines the world in which we live in. In fact, social media is so prevalent in today’s society, that everyday people are seeking to found personal relationships on the basis of pictures and online conversations. Even the word ‘catfish’ has expanded in its very definition to encompass a person who creates a fake profile, as a façade to hide their true identity. The world is evolving, and we are fuelling the evolution.

Social media has arguably morphed into the most vital communication tool in marketing, advertising and public relations. Why is this?



Social media applications are transforming the role of online…

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