Sports Verdict: Should The NFL Have A Team In London?

woahhhh, this would be interesting.

CBS Denver

By Christian S. Kohl

With the NFL continuing its trend in recent years of featuring games in London, the question comes up time and again whether or not a team will move there permanently. The thirst for additional wealth among the NFL owners simply cannot be slaked, and therefore those in charge of such decisions will likely push hard to move a team there if it results in even $1 more net per year. The question is, should an NFL team move to London? Would it be good for the game?

[worldnow id=9374760 autoplay=true width=400 height=300 type=video]

Let’s attack this problem with a Pros and Cons list. Points in favor include spreading the sport to a new continent which may or may not want it, possibly increased revenue, and possibly increased revenue. The Cons represent more or less every other point a rational human being could raise. First of all…

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