Letter of Recommendation

July 6, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

The purpose of this letter of recommendation is to support Tevyn Andrews in her professional endeavors.

I have known Tevyn for the past five years, both professionally and personally.  When I first met her she was a very bright and energetic high school student.  I have watched Tevyn compete in many sports and also in class during the time we have known each other.  I have marveled at her dedication to whatever she took on, as well as her intense desire to do well.  I have even been able to incorporate some of Tevyn’s ideas about writing and being an effective college student into my classes at Cincinnati State.

During my time as a college instructor I have encountered many students; it would be hard for me to name a more deserving candidate for any position that involved writing or engaging the public than Ms. Andrews.

Because of her passion for learning and success, Tevyn Andrews is an admirable candidate for a public relations position.

In short, I would strongly recommend Ms, Andrews.


Don Pollock

Adjunct, First Year Experience Instructor

Humanities and Sciences Division

Cincinnati State Technical and Community College


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