Sports Verdict: Should The NFL Have A Team In London?

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CBS Denver

By Christian S. Kohl

With the NFL continuing its trend in recent years of featuring games in London, the question comes up time and again whether or not a team will move there permanently. The thirst for additional wealth among the NFL owners simply cannot be slaked, and therefore those in charge of such decisions will likely push hard to move a team there if it results in even $1 more net per year. The question is, should an NFL team move to London? Would it be good for the game?

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Let’s attack this problem with a Pros and Cons list. Points in favor include spreading the sport to a new continent which may or may not want it, possibly increased revenue, and possibly increased revenue. The Cons represent more or less every other point a rational human being could raise. First of all…

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WATCH: Woman resigns from job with dance video

BAHAHA! this is GREAT! Her video on youtube received well over a million views. I wonder how her boss feels now. lol

Marina Shifrin, 25, worked as a video producer for Taiwanese company but left ceremoniously; she created her own video showcasing her interpretive dance and gripes about the job, according to the New York Daily News.

The Daily News reported her boss has accepted her resignation and she plans to move back to Brooklyn.

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7 Steps to Starting a Movement on Social Media



Social media has given people a lot of power. Starting a movement on social media is an excellent way to create attention and build momentum about a brand or social issue. With just a few clicks, campaigns and movements have the ability to grow at lightening speed.

Due to the low cost of social media, it’s a nifty tool for organisations to adopt if they want to successfully perpetuate a movement or change, costing no more than the wage of a social media consultant.

Many organisations have tried to start a movement on social media, but not all have succeeded. An organisation needs to have a good understanding of how they’re going to start a movement and make sure they have a well-devised plan. So, how do you start a movement on social media?

1. Educate yourself.

Make sure you know everything about the movement or action you want…

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Social Media as a Dominant Communication Tool

Thank you for sharing!

catfish-the-tv-show-logoHAVE YOU EVER WATCHED CATFISH THE TV SHOW? If not, you’re definitely missing out! This reality-based docudrama is highly entertaining, as Nev and Max simultaneously capture the pretty and ugly side of online dating. More importantly, however, this show serves as a representation of how social media defines the world in which we live in. In fact, social media is so prevalent in today’s society, that everyday people are seeking to found personal relationships on the basis of pictures and online conversations. Even the word ‘catfish’ has expanded in its very definition to encompass a person who creates a fake profile, as a façade to hide their true identity. The world is evolving, and we are fuelling the evolution.

Social media has arguably morphed into the most vital communication tool in marketing, advertising and public relations. Why is this?



Social media applications are transforming the role of online…

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Prayers For Bearcat Nation

Prayers For Bearcat Nation

I got on twitter this morning and seen this trending and articles being retweeted by many of my Cincinnati followers. It’s such a tragic day for the bearcat football team. I hope and pray that the bearcat family stays strong and sticks together no matter what! I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and before I left for school four years ago the university and sports teams there were not as close as they are now.  The programs have embraced their fans and student body in a way that other schools have not. Being a big school in such a diverse city, and having them come together through academics and sports is such a great thing to experience especially in college. All of the high schools in Cincinnati have THE BEST school spirit and combining them at one university plus the students that come from different parts of the country and states to share and contribute their spirit with the kind that’s already there is simply amazing. I’ve loved college sports since i could remember and my mom is the biggest hometown fan I know. Her love for the University of Cincinnati and it’s programs there is overwhelming. It’s so exciting to see this school becoming such a family through the things that make the best memories in college. I pray that this student body and it’s amazing football pulls through even stronger, and tougher. I pray that the other players involved in this horrific incident recover are able to step on Nippert’s turf again with cleats and pads on. Most importantly, my prayers go out to the families and friends of those student-athletes.  #BearcatNation

Homeless man honored for honesty, donors raise $72k

I haven’t been following the story but i came across this just now and I seriously just got so happy to read about the community reaching out & helping him! There needs to be more honest people like this in our world.

BOSTON – Thousands of strangers are giving money to a homeless man after learning he handed in a backpack full of money.

Glen James found the backpack with more than $40,000 stuffed inside at a mall this past weekend.

Instead of taking the cash for himself, he promptly took it to the police station.

Officers were able to get the bag to its rightful owner.

Since the return, the community is reaching out to the Good Samaritan.

Ethan Wittington created an online fundraiser to help James, who has been homeless since 2005.

Glen James said, “I’m so glad that a total stranger can be so kind.”

So far, donors have raised more than $72,000 for James.

Many people have also reached out to help James find a job and a place to live.

He has opened a bank account and says he is thankful for the fresh start.

Boston police…

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“I like my Sketchers, but I love my Prada Backpack”

This is so helpful ! I actually found myself becoming a more brand-conscious customer as well! thank you for sharing! 🙂

So, as I sit here, sipping on my Grande Starbucks coffee, just come in from the rain, kept dry under my Coach umbrella, tweeting on my iPhone, blogging on my Apple Mac Air, which I pulled out of my Herschel backpack, I realise… How much of a mega consumer I am! I never thought of myself as a brand-conscious person, however through the years, I’ve become one. It’s made me curious about how effective marketing can actually affect us.

The Difference Between Like and LoveI like my Sketchers but I love my Prada Backpack





It’s been highlighted to me, in recent years, that effective marketing; effective use of the marketing mix (the 4 P’s – Product, Price, Promotion and Place) – as simple as they seem, are in reality crucial to the success or failure of a product in the market. So, let’s go back to ‘Principles of Marketing’ and briefly explore what the 4P’s mean:

“What does the customer…

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